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Drain Cleaning Flagstaff

Stand Up to Standing Water with proper Drain Cleaning.

Just breathe in that mountain air… because Flagstaff is known for it. We are fortunate enough to not have to worry about air pollution and industrial waste, but there is something that is not so clean that can be found in every home….hard to reach clogs that are slowing your drains.

Now there’s a cure for standing water and slow sinks. To get our point across, we’re going to have to talk nasty. Let’s start with slimy gunk.

You can get to those lovely rings of film in your sink and tub, but what about your drain? This film builds up in time until it literally chokes your pipes. Flagstaff Drain cleaners can only offer temporary relief… and permanent damage.


They use poisonous chemicals to burn holes in the gunk (and sometimes your pipes!) But before long, the film builds right back up. We can eliminate the build up in your drains safely and almost instantly! Your pipes will be so clean they’ll drain cleaning flagstaff like brand new.

How does it work? Our method uses the same
process that nature does to break down dead plant and animal matter. It actually disintegrates grease, food, waste and hair. No more chemical fumes, no more caustic poison in your cabinets, and no more clogged drains!

When the water won’t go down, you can call us up. We’re fast, friendly, and you will get a firm price before we begin the work. Call today and so you can finally kiss the gunk goodbye! (Or maybe just tell the gunk goodbye.)

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