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Tankless Water Heater Flagstaff

Where Is The Water Heater On The Space Shuttle?

Okay, that question may not keep you up at night.

But in my business, it matters. Turns out, there is plenty of hot water on the Space Shuttle but no hot water tank anywhere. Those smart folks at NASA – plus a few hundred million dollars – have figured out some remarkable things. One of which is a “tankless water heater”.

You’re thinking, “Oh, like I really need space technology in my home.” Well, everything else has been changed by technology; now it’s the lowly water heater’s turn…and I think you’ll be amazed. Take a look at how you benefit…

Flagstaff Water Heater, Have water that’s hot instantly, literally the second you turn on the faucet.

Stop paying for hundreds of gallons a month to go right down the drain while you wait.

How about not running out of hot water? It heats on demand so it can’t run out! And it’s the same temperature – it doesn’t go from “cold” to “scalding”. Much safer.
Plus another bonus that pays you back in hard, cold cash…

You know how “stop and go” driving eats twice the fuel as the same miles of highway driving? Same thing here. Your water heater goes ‘off’ and ‘on’ each time you want hot water. You pay to re-heat the same water, over and over! But with a tankless water heater flagstaff, none of that happens.

That’s why the nice hotels picked up on this right away. Sure, guests love it but the hotels are saving millions of dollars in water heating bills. Plus another pretty neat benefit.

More storage space. Yep, they freed up mountains of space and you can also chunk out that ol’ rusty, crusty tank of yours… while gaining all these other remarkable advantages!

before-after tankless

So, you save water, save energy dollars, increase space, increase comfort and eliminate an item prone to failure – then why haven’t you heard about this before? Two reasons –

1) To be honest most Flagstaff plumbing companies would rather not provide tankless water heating, partly because of the 2nd reason.

2) They don’t mind getting paid to repair your big water tank and all the parts that can fail. So, no bonus to them to even learn about “going tankless”. Not me.

It is a bonus to us if you’re more comfortable. That’s my job. Click Here to set up an appointment for a Water Heating Analysis. I’ll answer your questions about this remarkable system and you will see why old style Flagstaff Water Heaters are becoming a thing of the past!

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