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Sewer Replacement Flagstaff

Tree Roots, Sewer Lines, Clogged Pipes

Okay, this may not be asked on Jeopardy, but most plumbers have to resort to “guessing” at solving your plumbing problem. If they’re right you pay. If they’re wrong, you pay more.

That really is jeopardy. But when I come to your home you can win big.

It is something that we rarely think about…Where does all that water go? It does not matter if you live inside or outside Flagstaff City limits you know that if that water does not “go down” then the morning routine of your entire household is going to be turned upside down in a big dirty splash.

These problems can have a simple solution…or they can turn into a project that is more involved. Occasionally we find a previous repair that was not performed properly or that tree roots have damaged a section of underground piping. Whatever the reason your sewer/septic system has decided to take a “commercial break” we have the equipment and the experience to help you understand what your best choices are.


If you discover that the problem can not be cured with a simple sewer cleaning then one solution that we have is our “No-Dig” sewer system replacement, the trenchless sewer. This used to be only a dream of homeowners for years and now it is finally available and the results speak for themselves. In some situations we are able to super clean the inside of your existing old broken sewer system and use a patient system that places an epoxy filled liner in its place. The result: A one-piece rock solid sewer system that is completely watertight that will stop any invasive tree roots dead in their tracks. It’s cutting edge stuff for sure and your home may qualify for it. Just do not wait too long because if the system fails completely then it may not be a solution that will work for you.

Our state-of-the-art detection, location and restoration equipment can solve a Flagstaff Sewer, Sewer Replacement Flagstaff, Trench-less Sewer Flagstaff system back-up almost as fast as one is created. No more guessing. Just a quick and accurate solution. Isn’t that what you’re paying for?

When you have a problem and need it taken care of quickly, don’t pay for guesswork. Get it Done Now, Done Right. Let Mortensen Custom Plumbing, be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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