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Your home is your castle. You notice the little things… like the porch light that needs a new bulb or the door hinge that squeaks. You might not be a perfectionist, but you love your home and the small details make the difference.




Leak, Creak, Break. Eeek.

Being a Flagstaff Plumber, I see the above happen way too often. I get dozens – if not hundreds of calls for the exact same thing: People looking for the best plumber in Flagstaff to help them seconds after a pipe has burst and is currently ruining most everything in its path.

Why does this happen? Usually just one reason…

Weakened pipe joints or old crusty faucets with “iffy” parts expand under massive pressure and the water will get out. Something’s got to give and a pipe is usually the “weakest link”.

Entire floors get flooded. Ceilings get soggy. It can turn into a squishy, moldy and very costly mess. But it doesn’t have to be. Often these plumbing surprises could’ve been easily avoided. Here’s how.

Best Plumbing in Flagstaff, A whole home plumbing inspection. The whole home…top to bottom. Not just the easy places to look, buy every single corner of the system. Most of these areas have never been checked since your home was built. It happens at every home I visit. Here are just a few highlights.

Pipe Leak Flagstaff

Check the drains. Leaking Shower Flagstaff. A little slow? Be careful with the extra poisonous stuff that eats gunk and pipes. Our safe method speeds up drains almost instantly!

Test your toilets. Let us “dye-test” for cracks, flusher inspection, or anything that tips us off to a hidden problem. You don’t want a failure here, I promise.

Inspect faucets for leaks. No need to put up with that water-wasting nuisance!

Check washing machine hoses. These are the ones that give homeowners fits since this isn’t a “trickle”… it’s an indoor flood.

Inspect sink piping and garbage disposal. You spend a lot of time here, so let’s make sure this is working well, and will continue to for a while!

Test water pressure. Sometimes it’s a supply problem, sometimes a simple calcium problem with a super-easy cure.

Check water heater temperature. No need to have either a cold or scalding shower! We can easily adjust it while we’re there.

Check burner, pilot light/heating element in your water heater or boiler. A malfunction here can be inconvenient at best… lethal at worst. Have this checked.

Inspect exposed water lines. These can get cut, frozen, or develop leaks that can turn into “yard ponds” that do more damage over time. No fun.
Test and inspect for a leaking Shower or Bathtub. This can help you stop a micro leak from growing into an unnoticed super surprise. This alone should be worth the entire visit.

So…How much does this awesome service cost? It’s all included in the price of my service fee. And it gets even better, If you decide to have any repairs done the same day as your appointment then the service fee waived.

P.S. If you have an Radiant In-floor Heating System with a giant dinosaur of an old Flagstaff Boiler in your garage I have several great space saving and energy efficient solutions. Ask me if your home will qualify for an updated system.


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